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Celebrating Cork Past Exhibition 2019

11th Annual Family Heritage Festival
Celebrating Cork Past Exhibition 2019

Millennium Hall, City Hall, Cork City, Ireland.
Saturday, September 28th, 2019

Officially launched by the Lord Mayor of Cork City, Cllr. John Sheehan & County Mayor, Cllr. Christopher O’Sullivan
at 12noon – all are welcome
Admission: Free

Calling all history lovers! See a treasure trove of Cork’s rich, colourful heritage, tradition and culture at this year’s Celebrating Cork Past Exhibition. With over 40 Historical societies, museums and heritage organisations from Cork City and County showcasing their unique heritage, there’s something for all the family. Meet and chat with some of Cork’s finest historians; enjoy a trip down memory lane, see Cork in a way you never saw it before. Lunchtime Lectures will take place celebrating Cork’s past.

A Voluntary Initiative supported by Cork City Council & Cork Lions Club

Start Up Your Own Social Heritage Society
History is all around us. It’s alive. It’s continuously evolving. Since the dawning of time, humankind has been recording history on cave walls, rocks and wood for future generations and Celebrating Cork Past Exhibition is carrying on this grand tradition. This unique educational, family exhibition was established to recognise the importance of our history and the great need for history society’s and organisations throughout Cork City and County to join forces and come together under one roof to showcase their own unique heritage.

These heritage societies at the grass roots level are the bread and butter of our rich, colourful heritage, tradition and culture. A parish without a past is like a person without a memory. What you will see all around at the 11th Annual Heritage Festival – Celebrating Cork Past Exhibition is the great voluntary endeavour of these passionate heritage ambassadors who are the guardians of our rich inheritance. It’s clear to see that they are proud and loud of their heritage and we can rest assured that our beautiful Cork City and the picturesque beauty of County Cork is in safe hands as we pass the red and white flag of our heritage, tradition and culture to the next generation.

The goal of Celebrating Cork Past Exhibition is to encourage parishes in Cork City and County to establish their own historical societies to promote our unique heritage locally, nationally and internationally.

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