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My Irish Journal 1669-1670

William Penn kept a daily journal of his travels while in Ireland which was later published as "My Irish Journal". In the 1660's Admiral Sir William Penn was granted a large area of land in south-east co. Cork in reward for his support of the Restoration. This land was already largely settled with Protestant tenants under their previous land owner, a Colonel Wallis. Admiral Penn was getting older and so sent his son, William Penn, to Ireland to meet with his new tenants and arrange new tenancy Read more [...]

William Penn 1644-1718

  Timeline: 1644-1718 Go>to>Source>: 1644 : Baptized at All Hallows Church, London Macroom: Situated on the N22 midway between Cork City and Killarney is Macroom. The Gateway and tower are all that remain of Macroom Castle, which was granted to Admiral William Penn, (father of the founder of Pennsylvania U.S.A.) by Cromwell. Go>to>Source>: October 1660 Enters Christ Read more [...]