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The Jews of Cork

History of the Cork Hebrew Congregation and the Jews of Cork. The first wave of Jewish emigration to Cork was in 1772 with the influx of a small community of Sephardic Jews from Portugal. Relatively little is known about this first community. Although they didn’t have a synagogue, a burial ground was discovered at Kemp Street, to the back of the present synagogue on number 10, South Terrace. The community didn’t exceed about 40 in number, and disappeared through intermarriage Read more [...]

Passage West & Monkstown

Records of a ferry running from Passage West to the Great Island date as far back as the early 1600s. Passage West was thought to have been thus called because of its association with the word “passage” and its location as the traditional crossing place of the West Channel. Belvelly Bridge connecting the Great Island to the mainland was not constructed until 1807 and, prior to this time, the only links the Great Island had with the mainland were two ferries, one of which ran out of Passage. Read more [...]

Macroom Castle

One square tower, a few walls, and an arched gateway are all that remain of Macroom's most historic building.It was built in the 13th century by the Carew family. Later it became the property of the Mac Carthys. Teigh Mac Carthy repaired it before he died there in 1565.   The strategic position of Macroom has led to many battles and conflicts in the area and the castle buildings were frequently destroyed by fire. By 1642 the castle and surrounds were in excellent condition and Cardinal Read more [...]

O’Shea Clan

The O'Shea Clan E-Mail:;  Web: ; ;   This O'Shea website aims: To give practical assistance to people researching their O'Shea family history, To encourage communication between those with an interest in O'Shea heritage, To help with genealogy and history relating to O'Sheas To co-ordinate the O'Shea Read more [...]

Cork Regional Film Archives

An Scannalann - Cork Regional Film Archives   E-Mail: Web:   Cork Regional Digital Film Archive was set up in April of 2007 in order to promote the preservation of the moving image. The main function of our first project was to preserve films of the last 25 years of the Cork Youth Film Festival and to digitise them so that it would be available for the future. Since that beginning we have Read more [...]