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Macroom Castle

One square tower, a few walls, and an arched gateway are all that remain of Macroom's most historic building.It was built in the 13th century by the Carew family. Later it became the property of the Mac Carthys. Teigh Mac Carthy repaired it before he died there in 1565.   The strategic position of Macroom has led to many battles and conflicts in the area and the castle buildings were frequently destroyed by fire. By 1642 the castle and surrounds were in excellent condition and Cardinal Read more [...]

William Penn 1644-1718

  Timeline: 1644-1718 Go>to>Source>: 1644 : Baptized at All Hallows Church, London Macroom: Situated on the N22 midway between Cork City and Killarney is Macroom. The Gateway and tower are all that remain of Macroom Castle, which was granted to Admiral William Penn, (father of the founder of Pennsylvania U.S.A.) by Cromwell. Go>to>Source>: October 1660 Enters Christ Read more [...]