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Irish Volunteers Commemorative Society

Irish Volunteers Commemorative Society 1913-1922


Welcome to the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation.
We are an organisation which promotes and preserves the history of the Irish Volunteers (1913-1922). The I.V.C.O. is a non-political, non-profit organisation. Donations are gratefully accepted in order to help meet our running costs. Donations need not be money, but please e mail us photos, documents or any relevant photos to the Irish Volunteers.

How do we do commemorate the Irish Volunteers?
The I.V.C.O. holds exhibitions, lectures and displays throughout Ireland, showing the artifacts and telling the story of the  Irish Volunteers.
This website was created in the hope of encouraging the sharing of the history of the Irish Volunteers. We greatly appreciate all contributions from our readers, such as photographs, articles, letters, family history etc.
All of these help to build a better understanding of the Irish Volunteers.

We hope this site will promote a better understanding of Irish history in the years leading up to the formation of the Irish state. Thank you for visiting.



Irish (National) Volunteers
a militia founded 25 November 1913 at the Rotunda in Dublin They were founded as a direct response to the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force , founded 1912 )) , the UVF opposed Home Rule for Ireland and wished to maintain the union with Britain. To ensure that Home Rule would be resisted they were prepared to fight , hence the foundation in 1913 of the militant UVF.

. The Irish Volunteers was a military organisation established in 1913 by Irish nationalists. It was ostensibly formed in response to the formation of the Ulster Volunteers in 1912, and its declared primary aim was “to secure and maintain the rights and liberties common to the whole people of Ireland.” 
The Volunteers included members of the Gaelic League , Ancient Order of Hibernians , and Sinn Féin , and, secretly, the IRB.
The Volunteers fought for Irish independence in 1916′s Easter Rising, and were joined by the Irish Citizen Army ,Cumann na mBan and Fianna Éireann to form the Irish Republican Army .