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Professor John A Murphy

Congratulations to Professor John A Murphy on the publication of his excellent history of UCC “the College”.

Extract from the front inner leaf”
The year 1995 has a personal significance for John A. Murphy, since it marks the fiftieth anniversary of his registration as a first year student in UCC.
He joined the staff in 1960 and succeeded Seamus Pender as Professor of Irish History in 1971.
He therefore brings to his work, not only his personal experience, but a valuable sense of the modern period of the college’s history, and an abiding interest in its fluctuating fortunes over 150 years.
Although there have been studies on certain facets of the college, this is the first overview of its history from its foundation as a Queen’s College in 1845 to its present position as one of the leading educational institutions in Ireland.
Firmly grounded in archival sources, The College provides a popular history of Munster’s premier institution of learning and will be read appreciatively by those interested in the social and educational history of the period.
 It throws new light on shadowy people and periods and is particularly rich as a study of college presidents from Sir Robert Kane through Sir Bertram Windle to Dr Alfred O’Rahilly and beyond.
The book will be of special interest to graduates of the college at home and abroad as well as those concerned with the role of a major educational institution in the life of the community at large”.


May I congratulate Professor John A Murphy on his commentary over many years particularly on Ireland Political and Social development? I’ve been a fan of his for many years holding that through his pen and voice expressing his insights helped to keep Ireland on a rational path during a time of confusion and ambiguity as to our values. Thanks for your clear leadership when leadership was most in need and in short supply.
May I wish John health and happiness in 2009 and beyond?

Brian Bermingham, Lord Mayor of Cork 2008