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Liam O’hUigin

"My name is Liam O’hUigin (William Higgins) and I was born in Henry Street in the Middle Parish (Hammond’s Marsh) 1941. I was baptised and celebrated my First Holy Communion and Confirmation in St. Peter and Pauls Church, Cork City. I attended St. Josephs School on the Mardyke 1945-1954. I left school at 14 years of age with my Primary Cert and became a Messenger Boy in Musgraves in Cornmarket Street. My mother who was born in Vicar Street, off Barrack Street died when I was a young lad Read more [...]

Aruba Coghlan

Currently the Director of the Cork Dance Company, Aruba is a Fellow and Examiner with the International Dance Teachers Association, a Life Member of the Royal Academy of Dancing, the International Dance Teachers Association and The Imperial Society as well as a registered teacher with the Royal Irish Academy and Trinity College London. In the mid sixties, she held the first ever Royal Academy of Dancing Ballet examination in Cork (the following year Joan Denise Moriarty followed suit). In Read more [...]

Dr. Sean Pettit

A native of Cork city, Dr. Sean Pettit was a secondary teacher at Midleton College before he was appointed a Lecturer at University College Cork in 1970, a post which he held until his retirement 31 years later - he never once missed a day. His motto has always been: "Aoíblinn Beath an Scolaire". He decided to place whatever talent he had at the service of the wider community in extra-mural. He had a lucky break when he was invited by RTE local radio, "Corkabout" to give a weekly talk on Cork history. Read more [...]

David McInerney

An account of David’s artistic life. David's career in music began 75 years ago, when, as a 9 year old his parents sent him to the Cork School of Music to learn violin playing and the theory and harmony of music. Eventually David gained a place in the school's Symphony Orchestra. After a decade, David left school on attaining employment. Following night studies and discovering he had developed an adult singing voice, he joined the north cathedral choir where under the tutelage of Herr Aloys Read more [...]

Pearse Gunn

Pearse is very much a person of Cork City having been born and reared at the end of Barrack Street not far from the South Gate Bridge. It was inevitable that he would be educated in St. Nessan’s Christian Brothers School just around the corner from where he lived. He subsequently transferred to the North Monastery for secondary school and then to the School of Commerce. On leaving school he found employment in Hipps Ltd., gentlemen’s outfitters, in Patrick’s Street. His manager there, Read more [...]