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I Wish I Was In Pana

I Wish I Was In Pana

A Cork War Song

Lyrics/Music by Richard T. Cooke © 2010 All Rights Reserved


Dear Brian,

The following are the lyrics to the song ‘I Wish I Was in Pana – A Cork War Song’ that I have specially written and composed for your prestigious international Recital [in UCC on November 11th 2010]



Off to war I go leaving auld Cork City,

With three of me pals, Johnny, Tommy and Jackie;

All signed up to go to help the auld families,

Not a job could be found that’s why we joined the army.

On a troop ship we sail waving goodbye Cork City,

Heading for the open sea tears floating in the breeze;

Sea is rough and cruel helping forget our love ones,

Sickness everywhere gauching, spitting and cribbing.



I wish I was in Pana sitting underneath the Statua,

I wish I was in Pana with my auld girl Barbara.

Landed in London town, tired, hungry, excited,

With me kit and me gun and all me pals around me;

Off to barracks we go not far from Buckingham Palace,

People everywhere cheering us along the way.

A sound night’s sleep was ordered for tomorrow we’re off to Dover,

The night is long and noisy, singing, joking, and praying;

I wonder how is Ma and the auld gang down the alley,

They were sad to see us go leaving auld Cork City.



Arrived in Dover town like an All-Ireland Final,

Congestion everywhere police showing us the way;

Boarded an old troop steamer for Dunkirk we sail for,

Ships and boats we go it’s like a Regatta Day.

O Jesus what is happening, bombs, bullets and screaming,

Bodies everywhere on a beach like Youghal Bay;

Tommy and Jackie have fallen and I’m feeling funny,

Johnny says to me “I see you on the Banks today”.


Chorus(one repeat)