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The Lonely Penrose Quay

That lonely place on Penrose Quay, Where many a tear was shed; Cork's finest sons and daughters wept, Cork's youth was then being bled; A ship was waiting on the shore, To take them all away; To London, Coventry, Birmingham, New York and Botany Bay. Like the wild geese they had to go, To save those left behind; The pride of Cork were leaving us, The gentle and the kind; They worked in foundries, building sites, and slaved in coalmines too; sweat and toiled in hotel Read more [...]

I Wish I Was In Pana

I Wish I Was In Pana A Cork War Song Lyrics/Music by Richard T. Cooke © 2010 All Rights Reserved   Dear Brian, The following are the lyrics to the song 'I Wish I Was in Pana - A Cork War Song' that I have specially written and composed for your prestigious international Recital [in UCC on November 11th 2010] Richard.     Off to war I go leaving auld Cork City, With three of me pals, Johnny, Tommy and Jackie; All signed up to go to help Read more [...]